WakeUpNow. How Do I Make Money?

What Is The Product? What Is WakeUpNow?

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I know there is alot of BUZZ about WAKEUPNOW, the business. Many people have asked me about what exactly WakeUpNow offers as a product? It's important for a business to have a product! If it is a multi-level marketing business that does not have a product then it is likely to be investigated and shut down by the SEC (Security Exchange Commission).

Well guess what? WakeUpNow has been in existence since 2009. They are based out of Orem, UTAH in the United States of America. They have a strong board of directors which are not afraid to put their name on the business.  AND they have several products within their primary product which is a subscription based discount service to get access to ridiculous savings on tons of products and services!

Here is their contact information for those of you who practice DUE diligence. 

504 West 800 North, Orem, Utah 84057

Ph: 801.373.2600
Fax: 801.769.3723

Take a look below at the various services and products that you can obtain at ridiculous discount pricing for being part of the the Wake Up Now opportunity. Did I mention that you can make a whole bunch of money as well just by sharing this with other people?

WakeUpNow Market Place. What is WakeUpNow?What Is WakeUpNow Do I need to Wake Up Now?

There are thousands of stores; millions of products. You can get cash rebates, free shipping, special coupons and more just by using the HUB when you shop online.

We all shop online. But when was the last time you got cash back on your purchase? The WakeUpNow Marketplace is a portal that gives you access to hundreds of popular online merchants like Walmart.com and Buy.com.

These merchants have partnered with WakeUpNow to give you special incentives like cash rebates from 1% to 20% on your purchases. That means in addition to great prices and online convenience, you'll also get money back in your pocket.


A better way to vacation.

Wake Up Now Ski Vacation What is Wake Up Now? WakeUpNow Vacation Clucb

WakeUpNow Vacations What is WakeUpNow? Scuba VacationImagine going on that dream vacation at a fraction of the normal cost. The WakeUpNow Vacation Club gives you access to hotels, timeshares, and cruises around the country and around the world at wholesale prices.

The condo program allows you to enjoy 7-night stays at resort condos and villas in hundreds of locations for up to 80% off! The hotel and cruise programs offer you amazing deals that are usually only available to licensed travel agents.

Your one-time fee gives you Vacation Club membership for life with NO annual renewals! In addition, you'll get access to a concierge who will do all the research and make your reservations for you at no extra cost. Join today and start packing!

Stop leaving money on the table.

TaxBot comes with WakeUpNow. What Is WakeUpNow?My own parents have been using this for a year at least. They said it is well worth their time to use Taxbot for organizing their several different sources of income.

Taxbot is one-touch tax relief designed to make it EASY to save thousands on your taxes. The mobile app and online system help save you time, effort, and money. With taxbot, you can:

  • Track business mileage aTaxbot Stores Your Data In The Cloud comes with WakeUpNowutomatically with GPS
  • Store receipts quickly by simply taking a picture with your phone
  • Eliminate paperwork and save time by combining expenses and trips
  • Sync all your records securely in the cloud - ready whenever you need them


WakeUpNow Language Tools What Do I Get With Wake Up Now?

The Tell Me More language learning program will enable you to master the foreign language of your choice. This award winning program is the most comprehensive and interactive program available, giving you the most complete and extensive way to learn a language from the comfort of your own home.

Save on your Verizon or ATT phone bill with WakeUpNow

Corporate Discounts on Verizon and AT&T. Subscribers have access to a host of corporate discounts, like savings of up to 22% from AT&T and Verizon calling plans just for being a part of WakeUpNow. See AT&T or Verizon for specific terms and conditions related to corporate discounts.

Invisus Digital Protection comes with WakeUpNow

A Leader In Digital Protection, Invisus products gives you peace of mind by protecting you and your assets from identity theft and other digital threats. The Invisus protection package includes Cyberhood Watch—online security alerts; iDefend—ID theft protection monitoring of over 1,000 databases; and the iSafe Secure PC Makeover—offering end-to-end security checkups and cleanups by certified technicians.

Get with WakeUpNow FREE STUFF

FREE STUFF Who doesn't love free stuff? WakeUpNow FREE! is an enormous collection of products, samples, and overstock items that can be ordered totally free. There are literally dozens of new products added every week. So take advantage of companies wanting to promote their products, and order whatever you want. After all, it's FREE!

What Do I get with WakeUpNow Grocery Discounts

Grocery Discounts! The price of food keeps rising in this economy! The days of clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper are over. WakeUpNow Grocery lets you quickly search, find, and use manufacturer coupons so you can save more money on your groceries. Enjoy the same great coupons with none of the paper cuts.

What do I get with WakeUpNow. Newsstand. News Stand

NEWSSTAND: Your WakeUpNow membership includes access to the Newsstand. You can choose from over 150 magazine titles to have sent directly to your home. Enjoy the monthly surprise of a fresh, new magazine (or 2, or 3) in your mailbox.

What DO I get with WakeUpNow. WakeUpNow Finance

WakeUpNow Finance is a Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool, full of rich features that give you a clear and simple overview of your finances. Stop guessing where your money goes and get control. From creating a budget to automatically tracking monthly spending, take the stress out of your finances and get peace of mind.

Most of all what you get with WakeUpNow is a killer opportunity to make money!!!

Wake Up Now MAKE MONEY!!



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23 comments on “WakeUpNow. How Do I Make Money?
  1. Wow Greg. Very Nice Post. Everyone must love this. I mean come on. It has all of the elements to a great business.

  2. Jill Jacoby says:

    Greg thank you for sharing Wake Up Now and what it offers us. I am just getting into it and the Invisus is up and running and protecting my computer. It is so user friendly!

  3. Danny Yoon says:

    Thanks for sharing Greg on what types of products and services that Wake Up Now offers!

  4. Gabe Turner says:

    Thanks for this, Greg. I’m still digging into all the things you get with Wake Up Now. I discovered that I could order a pair of glasses for free from one of the featured companies. Also, the magazine subscriptions offered are great! Do you know how many you can pick out?

  5. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the overview–very helpful!

  6. Glad to see the features offered by Wake Up Now. Been wondering…

  7. Teri Mitchell says:

    This is so helpful! Thanks Greg!

  8. Don Rollins says:

    Very informative Greg. Makes me want to sign up again.

  9. Wake up Now is changing how to shop online.
    This is a great description of all the features of Wake Up Now, very cool.

  10. Foxy Roxy says:

    Hey Greg, thanks so much for the opportunity to be involved with the Buzz!

  11. Beck Élan says:

    I like buildings a business with others.
    Best of both worlds.
    I am in control of my actions, but I can brainstorm and be supported every step of the way.

  12. Craig N Kathy Easter says:

    Thanks For sharing Greg WUN is awesome ,great deals on things we buy and all the free stuff you can get. You just can’t beat what they have all in one place.

  13. Jeff Breazile says:

    Wake Up Now has so many products to choose from and save money.

  14. Lucy says:

    My goodness Greg. After reading your article I can see the potential in joining WakeUpNow. There are so many benefits. Thanks for the insight.

  15. Toby Hanson says:

    The bottom line is this… we all start a home based business to make money and “Wake Up Now” has realized this and has designed their compensation so someone with little or no business experience can get paid quickly.

    Thanks for this review Greg!

  16. Joyce Segers says:

    Wow…major savings on products we already buy and a compensation plan that works for everyone…experienced or not! Win win for us all! :)

  17. Sue Hoehn says:

    Thanks Greg, For the great information on WakeUpNow. Fantastic looking money making and saving opportunity!

    You convinced me I’M IN!!

    Thanks again…

  18. Angela Valadez says:

    Greg, You’ve shared some really excellent information regarding WakeUpNow and showing the value and benefits behind it. I’m definitely a Believer now. It’s a win win for everyone.

  19. Craig N Kathy Easter says:

    Great site to save money on lots of items we will buy somewhere anyway why not make money while you save.
    Check out Wake Up now its a awesome business

  20. Alix says:

    I love it here at Wake Up Now. Guys the products and services are amazing. Not only is this team saving money, making money, and learning how to manage our money, but learning what it is to be a team and work together.

  21. Heather Rose says:

    Great content Greg. sooooo thankful to be in WUN with you!

  22. Profile photo of Kendra Kendra says:

    Loving that our Prefered Customers can use Wake Up Now’s wonderful marketplace to save money on their Christmas shopping and get cash back, WOW. Even better, it’s free to become a Prefered Customer!

    Report user
  23. Anthony says:

    This is a great help for people to save money.Our software helps manage money.This is a great business for opportunity to help people make money and become financially well. #wakeupnow

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